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Day 2


A link to White Rose home learning can be found by following this link

Afternoon Lesson:


Watch slides 1 -11 for this task. We will need to look at the rest later on so you don't need to go any further.  When you have watched slides 1-11 you have some tasks below:

1. Put the timeline events in order.  Draw your own timeline if you can using the cards to help you.

2. Create a Stone Age period key facts information poster using the information provided.

Stone Age Lesson One

Stone Age Time Periods: Lesson One: Use the information on both the sheets below to create your own poster about how The Stone Age Time was broken up into different sections. If this is too tricky - create a poster with 3 pieces of key information on about The Stone Age. 

Use these cards to order and make a Stone Age timeline!

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