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Sir John Sherbrooke Junior School

We are a 'Take Care' school

Monday 5th October



MPs present: Rylie, Kyle, Zac, Megan, Jacob, Leonie, Khaddija, Charlie, William, Eva, Alfie, Brooke and Mrs Fish


Apologies: n/a


What do we need to focus on?

  • Safety
  • Food
  • Learning facilities
  • Playtime
  • Club
  • Fundraising


What will these areas be called and who will be responsible?

  • Foodology - Eva and Rylie
  • Brainology - Megan and Brooke
  • Funology - Zak and Charlie
  • Carefology - Khaddija and Kyle
  • Opportunology - Jacob and Alfie
  • Give and Getology - Leonie and William



  • Rylie to write letter to Mark Spencer and Jane Walker
  • All teams to make poster for Parliament display, must include:
  1. introduction
  2. role description
  3. what we already have
  4. what we would like
  • Sir John Sherbrooke Junior School,
  • Flatts Lane, Calverton, Nottingham,
  • Nottinghamshire, NG14 6JZ,