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Meeting Minutes


Present: Noah, Amaya, Fearne, Faye, Bethan, Oliver


Notes: Pupil parliment have been awarded badges of honour and  soe entries have been given it for the football competition.


Playground equipment suggestions: skipping ropes, trim trail extension, basketball hoops, mini goal nets, footballs, chalk, tennis rackets and balls, ball and cone game, stilts, bugs in the kitchen board game, guess who board game, dino valley, headband game, draughts, kerplunk, hula hoops, any board games, nerf howler balls, frisbees, water fountain, mini golf, pirate ship (like Manor Park)., hurdles.


Issues raised: football games taken over whole upper school playground, dinners - children want to sit next to their friends, lower school behind portacabin - red roped off area?


present: Oliver, Noah, Bethan, Fearne, Amaya, Faye


Posters have been handed in today. Amaya and Fearn are speaking in assembly.

Make a shopping list for playground toys. Talk to class about what they would like but reasonable.

Everyone think about healthy eating assembly and what to talk about.





Present: Fearne, Amaya, Noah, Bethan, Oliver, Mrs Fish, Mr Knott.


Apologies: Faye (Football club).


Pupil Parliament to launch whole school competition to design a new football strip for Sir John Sherbrooke. MPs to make posters and speak in assembly. MPs to choose the best 10 designs and then the whole school will vote on the final strip. Prize to be awarded. We need to photocopy and hand out entry forms to each class.


Launch date: Tues 17th January

Closing date: Friday 27th January

Prize: Jar of sweets


Next meeting: 17th January to discuss Healthy Eating Assembly.


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