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We are a 'Take Care' school


The beginning of life..making a 3D Lowry figure Part One

A Letter from Mr Knott's mother's penfriend. They began writing to each other as children, just after the war, to promote peace.

Feeling The Force ll

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Retesting the theory that the larger surface area of the card is producing more drag and slowing us down!

Feeling the Force: Air resistance slows us down!

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After investigating air resistance with our spinners, we took the opportunity to feel the force for ourselves in this very simple but effective task. How would the size of a piece of card effect the speed we run at?

SCIENCE: investigating air resistance

Art: developing sketching skills with our friend Sue

Science: May the Force be with the milk bottle.

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After a very dangerous experiment involving holding a bottle full of water over some pupil's heads with only an unsecured ping pong ball to stop the gush, fellow students explore the forces involved...

Move Zumba action

Getting down to Zumba with our dance coach Charmaine

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At school we are encouraging greater participation in physical activity. One way we do this is by introducing new things that the children may not have experienced before. Zumba is going down a storm and even Mr Knott sneaked in to show his moves to 'Price Tag' by Lilly Allen!

Reciting poetry, singing songs and performing to a very selective audience...

In history, the children get down to some timeline ordering about the Vikings

Art afternoon with welcome guests

Fitness through circuit training in PE

This term in Design Technology we are boat building. With the amazing help of our friend Mrs Keane, the journey has begun..

How do you ripen tomatoes that have fallen off the vine?

A few weeks later back at the boat builders...

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