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We are a 'Take Care' school

Week 5

Topic Learning


Lesson One

Complete the sheets in the order they have been given, carefully read the instructions at the top of each page to help you.


Lesson Two

Think carefully about your design and how it can be improved each time. Once you have chosen your final design, you can use the sheet provided to design this OR you may want to come up with something more creative - maybe even make a model of your figurehead?


Lesson Three

This is all about your investigation skills! Hopefully you should have all the equipment you need at home, if you don't have a rubber band try to find something with similar stretchy properties, like a hair bobble.


Lesson Four

The sheet is just a starting point for this activity, think carefully about different ways you can display this work using our Take Care values. You may want to create a presentation or write a poem sharing your best qualities.


Lesson Five

Following on from the previous task, think about what you imagine your future to look like. Use the sheet as a guideline and make notes, you could also produce a poster or present your ideas in a more creative way.

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