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Curriculum Information

National Curriculum 

At SJS we follow the National Curriculum programmes of study in all year groups. You can find out more about the National Curriculum by visiting this link:


The following is a useful guide for parents on the National Curriculum

The next documents present an outline of the content of the new National Curriculum and our locally agreed syllabus for RE. Core subjects (English, Maths & Science) are presented in a year-by-year format, based on the outlines given in the National Curriculum.

SJS Curriculum Learning Journey - SJS's Learning Ladders


At SJS we ensure that our curriculum has a clear learning journey across all year groups, by using a progressive set of learning objectives for each subject. These targets build on the learning the children have done in the previous year(s), which not only allows the previous learning to become more embedded, but also gives the children a good foundation of knowledge to build their new learning from. We work closely with the local infant school to ensure that the SJS curriculum builds directly from the KS1 curriculum targets the children will have learnt before they start at SJS.


Our curriculum has highlighted non- negotiable objectives that every child must achieve by the end of the year and a range of other targets that the child will cover most, but not all of. Again, these highlighted targets are progressive and build on the targets from the previous year(s).


By the end of KS2 our aim is for all the children at SJS to have covered, achieved and embedded all the National Curriculum objectives for each subject.

Relationships, Sex, Health Education - RSHE

Please see the following documents that lays out the areas of Relationship and Health Education taught in each year group. When your child is in Year 6 they will also cover a few lessons around Sex Education, which you have the right to opt your child out from.

RSHE Parent Consultation

For the first time in 20 years the RSHE curriculum has been changed. In light of these new changes, SJS have decided to use the RSHE scheme of work created by Kapow. It is a fully comprehensive scheme of work, which ensures every year group is learning their required knowledge in a way that is age appropriate and taught in a sensitive manor. Please read the documents above to gain a better understanding of what the new RSHE curriculum involves for each stage of your child's learning at SJS. Once you have read these documents, if you have any questions or feedback, please give school a ring or email The formal consultation period will end on 30th September 2020, but school will let Year 6 parents/carers know when the RSHE units on sex will be taught, so you have the option to relook at the unit and contact school if you wish to opt out of these sessions. All parents/carers can contact school with any additional questions at any point.


General Curriculum Areas of Study

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