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Assessment Examples

UP2 Target Stickers (Top Down Planning)

Targets, Planning and Assessment Sheet Example


Formal internal assessments are taken at the end of each term. Year 3 will also do baseline assessments when they join our school and Year 6 will undertake more assessments in preparation for their end of KS2 SATs. The data collected through these assessments helps inform teachers of the next steps for children and where gaps may be. If a child is working at a level which can't be assessed through formal assessments, we use BSquared to support their progress. 


Maths Assessments

At SJS we use the White Rose assessments at the end of a unit, term or half term. We also use teacher assessment to make our judgements.


Reading Assessments

At SJS we use Rising Stars PIRA reading assessments at the end of each term. We also use teacher assessments and the child's PM Benchmarking colour level to form a judgement.


Writing Assessments

At SJS we use our writing targets to provide teacher assessments for where the children are in their writing. These targets have been created with support from a writing moderator to ensure they are progressive and age appropriate for the children, ensuring full coverage by the end of KS2. Writing is assessed through all curriculum areas and pieces of work, with extended / Big Writes allowing for more focused assessments throughout the year. 



At SJS we use the Rising Stars GPS assessments at the end of each term to assess where the children are. Teacher assessments and weekly spelling tests also help inform the overall judgement. 

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