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Sports Funding

PE Mission Statement

At Sir John Sherbrooke Junior School we strive to ensure that all our children enjoy physical education and sport.

We aim to improve health and well-being, to promote active participation and lifelong learning and for each child to fulfil their potential.



The government has provided funding based on the number of children at our school. This must be spent on improving the quality and breadth of PE and sporting activities and to develop  healthy lifestyles. Our mission is to give pupils the opportunity to experience existing and new sports through high quality learning from both staff and qualified coaches.



Our school, as with all others, will be judged on how well we have spent PE funding in relation to the impact it is having on the children. This is done through Ofsted.



We aim to develop in children an understanding of why exercise is important and how it affects them.  We teach them to be physically active by engaging the children in activities which involve the whole body, maintain and increase flexibility and develop strength and stamina.  Through this they discover their abilities and preferences, enabling them to make choices about how to get involved in lifelong physical activity. This will be achieved by:


  • Developing the competence of pupils in a range of physical skills.
  • Developing in pupils an appreciation of skilful and creative performances throughout the areas of study.
  • Allowing opportunities for pupils to learn how to plan, perform and evaluate their actions and the actions of others, with the aim of improving quality and effectiveness.
  • Teaching pupils about the benefits of participation in physical activity and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Ensuring pupils discover their abilities and preferences enabling them to make choices about how to get involved in lifelong physical activity.
  • Developing self esteem through physical confidence.
  • Developing the pupils interpersonal skills and awareness of their role as a member of a team.
  • Teaching pupils to learn how to carry out tasks safely within a P.E lesson including how to set out and use equipment.



PE Sport Premium Evidence and Impact

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