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Day 9


Today you are going to be planning your diary entry through the eyes of the lighthouse keeper.

Re-watch the film clip and make notes on: 
- The climax - The main action in the story.
- The resolution - How everything is fixed.


Record how you think the lighthouse keeper will be feeling and what he will be thinking at the different parts of the story.

Remember to write in first person (I) as you are pretending to be the lighthouse keeper.

Write in full sentences and first person - use interesting vocabulary.


Up2: We are learning to divide mentally.

Design an ecological house that uses different renewable energy sources and produces a small amount of waste. Can your house also be made out of recycled materials? Label your house when you have finished. Once you have designed your eco home, complete a survey with the people at home. What do they like about you home? Then evaluate your design and think about the ways in which you could develop your idea.

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