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Week 6 Work Pack

Timetable Week 6

Lesson One - Jurassic - Story Starter

For this lesson, you will need to read the Story Starter based on the picture 'Jurassic'. Try to continue the story in as much detail as possible as the T-Rex hunts down its prey! You can continue your story in any way you want - make it as imaginative as possible!

Lesson Two - Question Time

For this lesson, you will need to answer a number of questions based on images you have been provided with about the 'Creature of the Deep' and 'The Invisible Man'. In your answers, try to draw on inferences and use you imagination to identify what exactly is happening in the pictures.

Lesson Three - Explorers

For this lesson, continue to use you GPS skills by uplevelling a number of sentences from the picture about 'Explorers'. 

Lesson Four - GPS Word Mats

Use all your understanding of sentence targets and grammar to help you complete the questions on both words mats. Check your answers afterwards and recap your understanding of key objectives relating to GPS targets.

Lesson Five - Reading Comprehension

Read the article from First News about being up close with a Giant Whale Shark. Once completed, answer the questions relating to the article and check your answers after.

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