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Sir John Sherbrooke Junior School

We are a 'Take Care' school

British Values

British Values are embedded within our broad and balanced Take Care curriculum. The core values that make up British Values are part of the every day life at SJS, including being reflected in our Take Care values. The children learn and live these values in all that they do in school life. British Values are also taught discreetly, in a weekly reflection lesson in their classes or year groups. SJS use Picture News every Tuesday to help the children overtly focus on British Values, as well as looking at them in the context of key issues or discussion points that are happening the world. These are also displayed on our engaging British Values display each week and in each classroom.


SJS has a strong Pupil Parliament and are a UK Parliament Gold Ambassador School. Please see below for some of the areas where British Values are strongly featured in the life of SJS.

Protective Characteristics


At SJS we believe that it is important that all children gain an understanding of the world they are growing up in, and learn how to live alongside, and show respect for, a diverse range of people. In so doing we promote equality and pupils’ understanding of the protected characteristics.


We are a Rainbow Flag award school and are working on an Anti-Racism whole school project (from Sep 2023). We have a fully accessible curriculum and culture of opportunities for all. We have a yearly Rainbow Week, which celebrates differences and the children take part in a range of para-sports. We also carefully consider the historical and famous people we study, to ensure (where possible) these people reflect the wide range of different people from our society.

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