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Week 5 Work Pack

Maths Learning Tasks

Lesson One - Addition Missing Numbers

For this lesson, you will need to use your knowledge of the written method for addition. Some of the calculation has been completed for you, you will need to use these clues to help you complete the missing numbers. Work through the calculation as if it was complete, remember to take into account any numbers that will have been carried over from a previous column.

Lesson Two - Subtraction Missing Numbers

Similar to the first task, you will be using your knowledge of the written method for subtraction. However, these will be a little bit trickier as you will need to think about whether or not a number has needed to 'borrow' something from the column next to it. For example, you cannot subtract a larger number from a smaller number; so the smaller number will have needed to 'borrow' from its neighbour. 

Lesson Three - Multiplication Missing Numbers

By now, you will hopefully feel much more confident with how to solve missing number questions. For this task, you will be practising and applying your knowledge of the written method for multiplying by 2-digits. Remember that the second answer box ALWAYS need a place value holder (0) as you are multiplying by a number which is ten times bigger. Knowing your times tables is the key to getting these answers correct. 

Lesson Four - BODMAS

This task is all about the order of operations and knowing which calculation to perform and when. There are THREE levels of difficulty to choose from (you only have to complete ONE of these), you may decide to start on the 1 star sheet to begin with and then progress onto 2 or 3 if this is too easy.

Lesson Five - Investigation

The final task is a problem-solving activity. There are three challenges for you to try and solve, all using your addition and subtraction skills. You need to use the information given to try and work out what toys the children have bought. This may take a bit of time and won't be easy (that's why it's an investigation!), but keep persevering and showing resilience!

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