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Sir John Sherbrooke Junior School

We are a 'Take Care' school

Take Care (Zoom) Assemblies

Take Care Assembly 14.05.21

Well done to everyone who received a Take Care award.

Take Care Assembly 07.05.21

Take Care

Take Care Assembly 30.04.21

Well done everyone.

Take Care 21st Jan

Today was Fancy Day so we're all in our fanciest outfits.

Take Care 18th Dec

A great way to end term.

Take Care 11th Dec

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Reverse Calendar.

Take Care 4th Dec

Brilliant way to celebrate a week.

Take Care 27th Nov

Take Care assembly.

Take Care 20th Nov

Well done everyone.

Take Care 13th Nov

Lots to celebrate.

Take Care 6th Nov

Happiness Day.

Take Care 16th Oct

Another great week to celebrate

Take Care 9th Oct

Another wonderful week, with lots to celebrate.

Take Care 2nd Oct

This week's assembly

TC sep 28th

Our Take Care assembly

TC 18 09 20

A recording of our whole school video linked Take Care assembly.

Take Care Assembly 11.09.20

We had some technical difficulties with the recording over Zoom, but hopefully you get a sense of how we celebrated the children's achievements this week as ...

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