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Hi and welcome to our ELSA page!


My name is Mrs Smith and I work in school as a Teaching Partner and ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant). I have worked as a Teaching Partner at Sir John Sherbrooke for over 5 years now, currently supporting and teaching children in year 3. Over the years I have developed some wonderful relationships with the children, past and present and have really loved helping the children in anyway I can.  Last year I received specialist training from Nottinghamshire's Educational Child Psychologists to work as an ELSA.  ELSAs are trained and regularly supervised by the Educational Psychologists in your Local education authority.

At some time in our lives we all experience difficulties and unfortunately children are not immune to the same problems adults encounter.  At school we recognise the need to support your child through these difficult periods in their lives. In my role as an ELSA, I  want to help your child feel happy in school and to reach their potential educationally.  Our aim is to remove the barriers to learning and to have happy children in school and at home. My support is delivered in a caring, supportive and fun way.  I try to help children find ways to cope with their challenges by helping them build the skills that will help them be able to cope and work through the problems.

Please do come and talk to me in school if you have any problems with your child.


ELSA's can help with:

Loss and bereavement


Social skills


Friendship issues


Anger management





Relaxation techniques


This term has also seen the start of a lunch time ELSA clinic.  Children can come and visit for advice, support or a listening ear, on any concerns , worries or problems that they would like help with.

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