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Week 6 Work Pack

Timetable Week 6

Lesson One - Arithmetic Practice


For this lesson, you will continue to practice your arithmetic skills at speed by completing the arithmetic test paper. Once you have completed it, check the answers and see where you have made any mistakes.

Once you have completed this, time yourself on the double-sided times table calculations sheet. Again, check your answers when you have finished and identify any mistakes you have made. 

Lesson Two - Problem Solving

For this lesson, you will be challenged with your knowledge of fractions and dealing with monetary values.

The answers are attached, so try your best to provide an answer before looking!

Lesson Three - Problem Solving 2

Again, for today there are a number of word problems which this time involve area and timetables. Try your best to provide answers before checking them.

Remember: These problems will test your in depth knowledge of problem solving, so do not panic if you become stuck! 

Lesson Four - Order of Operations

Today is a recap of learning we have completed previously based around BODMAS. If you ensure that you work in this order when calculating your answers, you should be able to complete the problems provided. 

B - Brackets

O - Other Operations

D - Division

M - Multiplication

A - Addition

S - Subtraction

Lesson Five - Arithmetic Practice

For this lesson, give yourself around 20 minutes to complete the attached arithmetic paper. When you have finished, check your answers and see where your mistakes were. Then, complete the times table calculations accurately and at speed. Again, check your answers when you have finished.

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