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Take Care Leaders

Sir John Sherbrooke Take Care Leaders


At SJS, every child has the opportunity to take on a leadership role within school. In the classroom, children can become Lesson Leaders, for specific lessons, in which they use their own knowledge/expertise to help teach others. However, if a child wants to become a Take Care Leader, they must put themselves forward, deliver a speech to their class and be voted into the role by their classmates.


During the Autumn term, the children campaign to become part of the school's Pupil Parliament and in doing so, put themselves forward to be elected as a Take Care Leader. Once they have been elected, the children are then assigned specific areas of responsibility that they must undertake as a Take Care Leader.


Every Take Care Leader has the responsibility of being a role model across school and ensuring our Take Care ethos is upheld. However, along with this, they will each have another area that they will be responsible for.

These areas are:



World (eco, climate etc..)

MITS (Maths, ICT, Technology & Science)

The Arts (drama, art, music, dance, Shakespeare)

Healthy Living (healthy lifestyles, wellbeing)

Rainbow (SMSC)


Each area has two designated members of staff and a Pupil Parliament member, who will support the role within school. Each different area TC leaders will be expected to do different things, however all will require the leaders to promote their area within school, lead an assembly and set up some sort of whole school event. The children also receive training, in their chosen area, from specialists and have the opportunity to go on an excursion out of school, to develop their knowledge and skills further .


All Pupil Parliament Members are also Take Care Leaders, but with the added responsibility of being a school MP. They will help lead the different TC Leadership areas and raise any issues/ideas that may arise during the half termly Parliament meetings.



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